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Style: Indian Pale Ale (IPA)

Blonde beer, with fresh tastes of hops. Made with barley malt and American hops, which give this beer its bitterness. Aromas of tropical and citrus fruits.

It is an India Pale Ale with a slightly toasted amber color (15 EBC). Moderate density, enough to create a thin layer of creamy foam.

Subtly aromatic. On the palate it has a floral and herbaceous profile. All the malt load is also noticeable, which provides a caramel flavor. Bitter finish (60 iBus) and long lasting. 6.0%.


ABV (alcoholic degree): 6%

Ibus (bitterness): 55

EBC (color): 15

Temp. consumption: 8°C

Container: 33cl

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The Casa Dalmases Foundation is an entity located in the heart of Segarra, in Cervera. Neix fruit of a need to create employment for people with functional diversity and/or in a situation of risk of social exclusion.

The Casa Dalmases Foundation is a non-profit organization based on three pillars: the promotion of culture, the sustainable promotion of the territory and the commitment to the social economy. To achieve this goal, the Foundation proposes: promoting cultural, educational, work, residential services and offers, therapeutic and leisure activities. Promote job opportunities for people with special difficulties. Guide relatives, partners, friends, neighbors to raise awareness and facilitate the integration of people who require special care.


In this shop you will find products made by the people of Casa Dalmases and other companies with values ​​and social economy. - From Casa Dalmases workshops they make beers and chocolates with quality raw materials and local ingredients. They are inclusive work spaces where they employ different people, always putting the person at the center and enhancing their abilities. The Art Singular project, in cooperation with the Josep Santacreu Foundation, enhances the artistic and creative skills of people from various social organizations. Based on drawings painted by them and their personal stories that add value to our products, they make the packaging of 100% Singular chocolates.


The craft brewery is led by a master brewer who brews five basic sets of beers and some sporadic special editions, with selected malts and noble hops, which in their proper combination allow to obtain a high quality product, completely natural. unpasteurized, valued for the diversity of tastes, aromas and textures, present in each range. This project aims to link the product to the environment in which it is made, as La Segarra is a land of cereals (barley and wheat) and also has an orchard where hops are grown.

The artisan chocolate workshop is led by a chocolate maker and up to sixteen varieties of chocolate bars are made in it. The chocolate wrappers are worked in collaboration with the Josep Santacreu Foundation through Singular Art, an art that highlights the creative and artistic work of people linked to artistic creation centers of various social entities. Cocoa creams, nougats and Easter eggs are also made in the workshop.

At the same time, a bean to bar project is being promoted, making chocolate from the seed, with cocoa from plantations of producing families in Peru, and an eco line with cocoa from the Dominican Republic.