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Galician word that evokes something pleasant, appetizing, desired, tasty, different.

That is the essence of "Los Peperetes" artisan preserves and what you will discover in each of their cans.

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In 1990 Jesús Lorenzo Crespo, the grandson of canners, begins to make canned sardines and cockles from the Ria de Arosa in a homemade way, closing them with a manual seamer. Three years later, the “Los Peperetes” brand was born with the aim of producing a top-quality preserve, with the most appreciated seafood and fish in Galicia.

25 years later, the brand continues to maintain the philosophy of its beginnings: seeking the highest quality, using the best raw materials from the Galician estuaries and manufacturing in an artisanal way in limited quantities.

The production process has hardly changed since its beginning in 1990 and they are very similar to those used by their great-grandparents, pioneers in the packaging of canned cockles and mussels in Galicia.

The sauces they make come from recipes that have lasted over time in their family. Homemade recipes, made in small pots with top quality local products and specific to each production.


The objective is to offer a conserve of the best quality, at the height of the most exquisite palates.

The process begins with a rigorous selection of the raw material, choosing only fresh products in their optimal consumption season, supplying us with the best Galician fish and seafood markets with the best qualities and sizes.

From one generation to another one of the great secrets is transmitted: care in the preparation of each product through artisanal methods, already forgotten in modern industry; that only a limited level of production can be allowed.

The entire process is accompanied by strict quality control, monitoring both the raw material and the production of each can. High levels of demand allow us to offer a unique artisan product of the highest quality.