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Grandma's kitchen. Without additives or preservatives. 100% natural

The essence of traditional cuisine, cooking over low heat, boiling, is what you will find inside "Pibernat" -Eat tapas- 

Artisan preserves.

Octopuses, garlic, parsley, extra virgin olive oil and NOTHING ELSE, just 4 ingredients to get an extraordinary tapa.

The essence of the sea cooked inland by "Pibernat".

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Canned Pibernat

At Mas Pibernat of La Garrotxa, an unavoidable step on the way to the Falgars plateau, Pilar Font learned the essence of traditional cuisine made from natural products that are within reach, with much love and in no rush; a kitchen that respects the ingredients and saves no minute in preparation. Only in this way did Pilar extract the maximum flavor in each dish and obtain the unanimous approval of the numerous diners who often gathered around the table. With each bite, these people remembered who they were and what their roots were.

Pilar Font was able to transmit to her children and grandchildren the love she felt for good cuisine made with natural ingredients. These children and grandchildren are today the people in charge of the Pibernat preserves, the essence of a tradition. Pibernat brings together a selection of the best fresh products or products cooked in a charcoal oven, without preservatives or additives; only the best of the land and sea prepared with care and ready to serve at the table.